Many people here in Australia prefer owning utility vehicles or utes due to their associated benefits. For one, they can be utilised in any terrain conditions. Utes are likewise fuel-efficient, making sure that they can last on a long trip without any issues. They even come in a wide array of options.

But one more significant benefit of utes that makes them ideal for a lot of individuals and businesses is they have excellent storage spaces. Individuals who own utes can fully maximise their storage space in transporting their bags, bicycles, and other things to their intended destinations. Business owners, alternatively, use utes to load tools and equipment needed for their operations.

While the default storage areas of utes can be spacious, they still need to be organised effectively. Fortunately, ute owners like you can invest in an aluminium undertray ute toolbox. Here are some of the reasons why you must invest in this type of toolbox.

Additional Storage Space

One of the reasons why you should invest in an aluminium undertray ute toolbox is it can provide additional storage space for your vehicle. The tray part of this toolbox provides you with a spacious storage area for devices. Alternatively, you can store other tools underneath the tray without worrying about their safety. The presence of this toolbox on your ute allows you to organise your loads very well.

Better Safety and Security

The aluminium undertray ute toolbox has a solid form factor that trumps other storage options. And with its robust aluminium structure, it can easily keep your tools and devices safe from damages such as bumps and dents. The proper storage of these things inside the toolbox can likewise prevent heat, rain, and other weather elements from damaging them. Since your things will be preserved, you can expect significant savings in terms of their maintenance, repairs, and replacements.

High-Quality Organisation

Another reason why investing in an aluminium undertray ute toolbox can be good for your vehicle is it can enhance the organisation of your things. This specific type of toolbox permits you and other professionals to store your things without worrying about losing them after a while. Some models of this toolbox are even equipped with a locking system, preventing burglars from stealing your items.

Compatible with Any Utes

One more reason why you should opt for an aluminium undertray ute toolbox is it can fit with any utes. Aluminium undertray ute toolboxes may have default dimensions that a lot of businesses offer. Fortunately, they can also be customised according to your needs. Aluminium, after all, can be fabricated without losing its accompanying durability, longevity, and value. You can attain an undertray ute toolbox that has premium butt hinges, a locking system, hatches, and other core components.

To buy aluminium undertray ute toolboxes, you can call us at Canfred Engineering. We are a Melbourne-based family company specialising in all aspects of aluminium fabrication for more than 40 years.

Many industries maximise trucks as their primary mode of shipping and transportation. Trucks, after all, have all the components necessary for storing large amounts of goods. They also have the required power to perform long hours of drive.

The performance of trucks can even be enhanced by adding a fuel tank. The stock fuel tank of these vehicles is already enough to sustain their needed power. But for longer hauls and trips, trucks can significantly benefit from the addition of a fuel tank. An auxiliary truck fuel tank can be extremely helpful for trucks as it can prevent them from running out of fuel. Truck drivers can also be more selective in finding a gas station, preventing unnecessary detours.

But not all fuel tanks are similar. Some may be durable, but they might not be huge enough to accommodate one’s needs. Finding the right manufacturer can help business owners like you obtain your needed fuel tanks. Here are some things that you must look for in a truck fuel tank manufacturer.

Capacity Options

One of the things that you should look for in a truck fuel tank manufacturer is their capability to provide varying tank sizes or capacities. Not all manufacturers can be flexible in creating fuel tanks. Some may only produce limited tank size options, which might not be ideal for truck owners who want to possess a specific tank capacity. Your tank manufacturer should provide you with varying tank sizes so that your truck can effectively work and operate for a long time.

Tank Materials

Fuel tanks for trucks can be made from a wide array of materials. Given the varying needs of truck owners like you, you must opt for a manufacturer that can process tanks out of various material options. If you require tanks that last for a long time, you must go for a manufacturer that can generate aluminium or stainless steel fuel tanks. These types of tanks must be offered by your manufacturer since they are durable, resistant to elements, cost-effective, and long-lasting.

Expertise and Experience

One more thing that you must consider in finding your manufacturer is their overall expertise and experience. Fuel tank manufacturers nowadays would do everything to acquire and entice customers. One of the things they would do is to broadcast their expertise and experience. Some may certainly have legitimate credentials and experiences, but others do not have any. Opting for those with solid tank manufacturing knowledge and experience can give you substantial benefits along the way.

If you want to purchase truck fuel tanks, you can contact us at Canfred Engineering.

We are a Melbourne-based family company specialising in all aspects of aluminium fabrication for more than 40 years. We focus on the fabrication of aluminium and stainless steel tanks for trucks, boats, buses, caravans, and campers. The knowledge we have acquired is truly significant and can only help in the design of the perfect product for you.

Automotive and marine industries maximise a wide array of similar components to ensure that vehicles and marine vessels can operate for a long time. One component that they normally share is fuel tanks.

Fuel tanks are components that can store a specific volume of fuel. Since fuel can be delicate, fuel tanks should be able to prevent the infiltration of foreign objects. Fuel tanks must also be vented, allowing adequate air to enter. These components often maximise numerous openings, allowing users to fill, discharge, and drain their content.

One aspect of fuel tanks that should be accounted for during their design and construction is the material. Diesel fuel tanks, in particular, can be made from aluminium and steel. To know the better option for you, here is a quick comparison between aluminium and steel diesel fuel tanks.

Aluminium Diesel Fuel Tanks

Aluminium in general is comprised of various alloying elements such as copper, magnesium, manganese, silicon, tin, and zinc. The combination of these elements helps aluminium attain its excellent properties such as resistance to damaging elements and remarkable weight.

Diesel fuel tanks out of aluminium are known to be lightweight. And since the energy consumption of vehicles and marine vessels can be significantly affected by their overall weight, utilising aluminium diesel fuel tanks can ensure users lower energy usage and expenses. Aside from their lightweight quality, aluminium diesel fuel tanks can be advantageous for users as they can withstand rust, oxidation, liquids, and other particles that can damage their base materials and the contained fuel. Despite utilising them repeatedly for a long time, aluminium diesel fuel tanks are expected to function and last for a long time.

Steel Diesel Fuel Tanks

Steel, on the other hand, is normally composed of iron and carbon. It can also boast a small percentage of silicon, phosphorus, sulphur, and oxygen. What is great about the mixture of these elements is they can make a material resistant to fracture and strong.

Given the general properties of steel, diesel tanks out of this material can surely possess qualities that make them strong against fracture and other similar types of damage. They can even possess a rugged exterior, making them useful for applications that might damage other materials in just a short time. Take note, however, that steel can be weak against rust and corrosion. So, once the added coating layers have been diminished, users should decide whether to have them repaired or buy another one. Fortunately, steel diesel fuel tanks have a cheaper price tag compared to their aluminium counterparts.

Fuel Tanks at Canfred Engineering

Tons of elements must be considered when choosing a diesel fuel tank. These elements include the budget, surrounding conditions, and usage. If you need help in choosing the best diesel fuel tank for your truck or marine vessel, you can contact us at Canfred Engineering. We primarily focus on fabricating aluminium and stainless steel tanks for trucks, boats, buses, caravans, and campers.

Different vehicles can be utilised for work purposes, but nothing beats the versatility of vans. Vans are often maximised for commercial applications since they have the needed space for storing and transporting heavy loads. They can even fit in large numbers of passengers in just one trip without expecting any problems or issues along the way.

But one more reason why people opt for vans is they can be installed and mounted with a wide array of accessories. One of the accessories that can be installed into vans is conduit carriers.

Conduit carriers are often made from aluminium and other durable materials. They are often installed on the van’s roofing so they can store conduits, pipes, tubes, and others appropriately. If you are currently maximising a commercial van, here are some reasons why you should install conduit carriers.

Proper Storage

Your commercial van might already be packed with tools that you need for your business. And since it might already be clogged with these things, you might not have enough space to store conduits, pipes, and tubes. But by installing conduit carriers, your van can now handle and store these things properly. Likewise, installing conduit carriers deters you from just throwing these things on the back of the van.

Boosted Safety

Another reason why you should install conduit carriers is to ensure the safety of your commercial van. Cables, pipes, and others can be lengthy. If they are not stored and handled properly inside your van, they might end up harming you or others during accidents. Storing them inside the conduit carriers, alternatively, makes sure that they will remain safe throughout the trip of your van.

Ensured Security

Aside from proper storage and boosted safety, the existence of conduit carriers can protect your valuable things from getting stolen. Some vans may have an opening at the back. Once you fill it with cables, pipes, and tubes, they might end up getting stolen or taken as you park and leave the van. A conduit carrier can protect your materials from burglary and theft.

Simplified Usage

Conduit carriers are normally installed at the top of your commercial van. And with their optimal placement, you do not have to worry about getting injuries during loading and unloading activities. Conduit carriers can also bring comfort to you and others as they feature a spring up rear door, making it easier for all of you to access your things without expecting any difficulties.

Great Protection

One more reason why you should install conduit carriers on your commercial van is that they can provide ample protection to your materials. As mentioned, conduit carriers can be made from aluminium and other durable materials. The durability of these materials allows them to protect your cables and pipes from outdoor elements. The conduit carriers themselves are expected to last for a long time.

To purchase conduit carriers for your commercial van, you can call us at Canfred Engineering.

The marine industry has been around for decades, generating a wide array of marine vessels for personal, leisure, sports activities, military, and other vital purposes. Marine vessels can boast different sizes and types. They can also be made from different materials. All these differences must be accounted for when buying and installing their parts and components.

We, at Canfred Engineering, have been fabricating parts and products out of aluminium for more than 40 years. To satisfy our clients, we work closely with them so we can provide quality works and services they need. No matter what the specifications are, we ensure that we fabricate products they truly need.

As part of our marine fabrication services, we can offer high-quality marine products to owners of marine vessels. If you are one of them, here are some products that we can fabricate and offer.

Fuel Tanks

Fuel tanks are containers that can store flammable fluids like fuel safely. They are recommended to be fabricated from aluminium and stainless steel so that leaks can be prevented. These materials are also great for fuel tanks as they can last for a long time.

Water Tanks

Water tanks, as their name implies, are containers that can hold freshwater or wash water. Some water tanks may be portable, while others can be mounted or installed securely in specific parts of marine vessels. These tanks are vital to the plumbing system of boats.

Motor Pods

Marine pods are marine power systems that can substitute the functions of shafts, struts, and rudders. They are often comprised of the transmission, outdrive, and propellers to effectively direct propeller thrust. Motor pods are known to be more efficient and more compact than conventional running gears.

Bait Boards

For fishing purposes, bait boards can be effective in speeding up the bait prep process and catching more fish. They can be crafted out of various materials and can feature different sizes and shapes. Opting for quality bait boards allows marine vessels to acquire fish quickly and more efficiently.

Centre Consoles

Centre consoles possess centrally located consoles wherein the controls are installed with a leaning post or seat behind for the driver. These consoles are highly recommended for offshore fishing as they are centred in the floorplan, allowing fishing to be done from any position around the marine vessel.

Steering Consoles

Steering consoles are devices that hold the marine vessel’s steering wheel. They often possess an angled panel for throttle lever and electronic instruments. Some makes of steering consoles can boast a windshield and a handrail.

Sewage Tanks

Sewage tanks are also part of the boat plumbing systems. They are often maximised to hold wastewater from marine toilets, showers, baths, sinks, and other similar utilities. Wastewater is often stored on these tanks so it can be disposed of legally and safely.

To acquire high-quality marine products, you must call us at Canfred Engineering.