5 Reasons Aluminium is Preferred by Metal Fabrication Companies over Others

26 July 2022

Metal fabrication companies regularly process a wide array of metals to effectively produce different parts and components. They also utilise different fabrication processes so they can adapt to the properties of the metals the fabricators are handling.

They may be processing different metals, but the products they generate can be helpful in similar industries. Without metal fabrication companies, it would be difficult for the automotive industry to make their vehicles strong and functional. The same difficulties may be experienced in the electronics, construction, and power industries.

To date, tons of metals can already be processed by metal fabrication companies. But one specific metal that stands out from the rest of the metal options is aluminium. Here are some reasons why aluminium is preferred by many fabrication companies over others.

  1. Abundant Supply

One of the reasons metal fabrication companies often choose aluminium over others is it has an abundant supply all over the world. Aluminium is known to be the third most abundant element on the planet today. And with the number of products being made today, aluminium is undoubtedly the top choice in producing them without any issues. Paired with its recyclability, aluminium will continue to exist even after a few decades or even centuries.

  1. Flexible and Malleable

The shapes and structures of various metals can be modified with the right processes. One variable, however, that fabricators often consider is their malleability. Aluminium, fortunately, has great malleability that allows fabricators to form their shapes conveniently. With the right tools and processes, fabricators can easily shape, punch, and bend aluminium to their liking. It can then be alloyed so that its properties can be enhanced further. The flexibility and malleability of aluminium make it popular among fabricators.

  1. Durable and Strong

Aluminium is not only recyclable and malleable, but it is also durable. Metal fabrication companies love to craft parts and components out of aluminium since this metal material can guarantee strong products that give value to their operations. As they continue to produce products out of aluminium, these companies do not expect their clients to return them since they can easily withstand heavy structural loads, extreme temperatures, corrosion, and aggressive outdoor elements.

  1. Lightweight

When it comes to metals, many people believe that the durable ones often weigh a couple of pounds. Aluminium, however, can retain its durability and strength even if it is lightweight. The weight of aluminium makes it advantageous over other metals since metal fabrication companies can effectively craft products without utilising too much energy. And as industries and customers use aluminium products, they can also expect significant savings in terms of energy use.

  1. Customisable Appeal

One more reason why metal fabrication companies prefer processing aluminium over others is it can attain great looks with just a few finishing touches. Aluminium itself already has a simple yet silvery appearance. And with the right finishing, products out of aluminium can effectively attain looks that can provide more value to their users. Some aluminium products can be painted with different colours, while others can be anodised to acquire a dirt-repellent surface.

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