How Do Aluminium Alloys Benefit the Marine Industry?

25 October 2021

Small boats, workboats, fishing vessels, and luxury vessels are only some of the products that are produced and being utilised in the marine industry, especially when it comes to shipbuilding. And to ensure that they can withstand the elements found in bodies of water, their core components should be made from reliable and sturdy materials.

The activities done by businesses catering to shipbuilding processes are known to be significant to other industries. After all, their products can help facilitate the transport of important goods. Their marine boats and vessels can likewise ensure that people can conveniently travel from one place to another.

Aluminium alloys are a few of the materials that can be used to produce long-lasting components for the marine industry. Some notable benefits of aluminium alloys to the marine industry are as follows:


One of the benefits of aluminium alloys is that they are corrosion-resistant. Bodies of water have elements that can introduce corrosion to various materials. But with parts and components made from aluminium alloys, these elements would find it difficult to infiltrate and damage the surfaces of watercraft. As long as they are maintained optimally, aluminium components can effectively last for a long time.

Strong and Durable

Another benefit of utilising aluminium alloys for the marine industry is that they are strong and durable. Their excellent strength to weight ratio makes them extremely durable, even with prolonged use and constant exposure to damaging elements from the marine environment. Coupling this specific feature with their corrosion resistance makes them last for years or even decades.

Low Weight

Aluminium alloys are known to be lightweight. However, this specific characteristic does not make them fragile given their reliable strength to weight ratio. When used in generating watercraft components and parts, they can effectively handle their main functions without causing issues along the way. Their low weight can even help the watercraft consume less energy.


Now, aside from being resistant to corrosion, aluminium alloys are known for being heat-resistant. This characteristic only means that even if aluminium components and crafts are constantly exposed to heat, they are expected to withstand it. They will not even fuel a fire, making the watercraft and all the people on board safe and secure from potential damages and injuries.


The components and parts needed by the marine industry vary in shapes, sizes, and other similar specifications. For them to be generated effectively, they would need materials that can be cut and formed without attaining damages. Luckily, aluminium alloys can be modified based on the preferred layout of the industry. They can even come in sheets, plates, and other form factors.


One more great thing about aluminium alloys that can benefit the marine industry is that they are eco-friendly. Once aluminium components and parts have reached the end of their service life, they can easily be collected and recycled to generate new aluminium profiles. The recycling of these materials contributes to the preservation of raw aluminium materials.

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