How to Properly Clean and Maintain Your Aluminium Fuel Tank?

07 June 2021

Industries that utilise fuel tanks often turn to aluminium as the main material for these things. This specific metal material, after all, has properties and qualities that make it great for the storage of fuel.

Aluminium fuel tanks are lighter than other types of tanks, which can already save energy once they are utilised in the automotive and shipbuilding industries. They can likewise boast a wide array of form factors and obtain additional details since they can be fabricated easily. They are also expected to withstand damaging elements such as heat and corrosion since they have durable and strong composition.

All these things make these tanks admired by many industries. However, they can only sustain their properties and qualities if they are cleaned and maintained optimally. If you currently own these tanks, then here are some steps that you can follow to effectively clean them.

Remove the Tank

Aluminium fuel tanks that are installed on certain vehicles or boats must be removed first before conducting the clean. Usually, the manual of a vehicle or boat has a set of instructions that can explain the proper removal process of the tank components. Following the manual strictly will certainly allow you to remove the tank without damaging other components.

Wash with Water

Once the tank is removed from the car or boat, you can now wash it out with water. Washing it with water removes excess fuel that is still inside the tank. You can clean it through a garden hose or any other tool that could rinse it thoroughly.

Remove Any Rust

Even though aluminium fuel tanks are corrosion resistant, the internal part of these tanks can still rust after using them for a long time. To remove the rust inside the tank, you may want to put and roll a metal chain inside it and continue rinsing it out with water. The rolling action of the metal chain can loosen and eventually remove the rust from the tank surfaces and bring it out alongside the water.

Wash with Cleaner

After removing the rust, you can now wash the aluminium fuel tank with an acid wash or fuel tank cleaner. No matter what type of clean you utilise, you must wear some sort of body protection to avoid inhaling or touching the cleaning agents. For acid wash cleaning, you must fill the fuel tank with water before adding a cup of muriatic acid. Afterwards, you must dispose of the content of the fuel tank properly. Repeat this process until the wash becomes clear. Opting for a fuel tank cleaner, alternatively, can be done by following the instructions on its bottle or container.

Leave the Tank

After washing with your preferred cleaner, you may want to leave the tank overnight with a weak acid solution or weak fuel tank cleaner inside. The next day, you must empty the tank and wash it with water so that all remaining chemicals and particles are eradicated. Before installing it back to the vehicle or boat, you must let the tank completely dry for at least 24 hours to avoid generating any issues.

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