Let Canfred Engineering Produce and Supply Your Aluminium Fuel and Water Tanks

23 March 2023

Fuel and water tanks are necessary additions to the transportation and marine industries as they help supply the needs of trucks, boats, and others. With the right materials and specifications, these tanks can provide fuel, water, and other elements that are vital to the operations of the vehicles and marine vessels as well as the comfort of people onboard.

As mentioned earlier, one aspect of these tanks that should be picked carefully is their materials. Choosing the right materials can determine how strong the tanks are. The materials used in fabricating these tanks can likewise pinpoint their overall longevity and safety.

Some materials used in making fuel and water tanks are stainless steel, plastic, and fibreglass. While these materials boast good qualities, they are still beaten and outclassed by aluminium.

Perks of Aluminium Fuel and Water Tanks

Tons of advantages can be expected from aluminium fuel and water tanks.

• Resistant to Elements: One of the advantages of aluminium fuel and water tanks is they are resistant to atmospheric environments. Fuel and water tanks should be able to handle the elements that may be present in their surroundings. If they tend to get damaged right away, their content might leak, causing serious damage to the trucks or boats and even to the surroundings. Fortunately, aluminium tanks can withstand elements found in their surroundings, making them long-lasting and reliable.

• Lightweight: Another perk of aluminium fuel and water tanks is they are lightweight. The weight of tanks can usually tell how much energy may be consumed by a truck or boat. The heavier a tank is, the more energy is consumed just to carry it alongside the whole vehicle or ship. Since aluminium fuel and water tanks are lightweight, they will not add too much load on the vehicles, making them energy-efficient in the long run. Additionally, their weight can help reduce the costs needed to transport, assemble, and install them.

• Great Appeal: One more benefit of aluminium fuel and water tanks is they can be appealing. These tanks can be painted or chemically treated so that their surfaces can look good as well as be protected from harmful surrounding elements.

Acquire Tanks from Canfred Engineering 

If you want to acquire the best aluminium fuel and water tanks for your truck or boat, you can partner with us at Canfred Engineering.

We are a Melbourne-based company that specialises in all aspects of aluminium fabrication and supply of aluminium fuel and water tanks for more than 40 years. Our professional team work closely with our clients to make sure we can provide quality work and service. Aside from aluminium fuel and water tanks, we can also work on stainless steel tanks for trucks, boats, buses, caravans, and campers. All these things are possible as our acquired knowledge has helped us in designing the perfect products for clients like you.

Apart from these products, we also specialise in original work, with all items being made to the customer’s specifications.

Tons of industries can be catered to by our products. Hence, if you want something different in mind, do not hesitate to contact us.

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