Marine Fabrication: Buy High-Quality Marine Products from Canfred Engineering

07 April 2022

The marine industry has been around for decades, generating a wide array of marine vessels for personal, leisure, sports activities, military, and other vital purposes. Marine vessels can boast different sizes and types. They can also be made from different materials. All these differences must be accounted for when buying and installing their parts and components.

We, at Canfred Engineering, have been fabricating parts and products out of aluminium for more than 40 years. To satisfy our clients, we work closely with them so we can provide quality works and services they need. No matter what the specifications are, we ensure that we fabricate products they truly need.

As part of our marine fabrication services, we can offer high-quality marine products to owners of marine vessels. If you are one of them, here are some products that we can fabricate and offer.

Fuel Tanks

Fuel tanks are containers that can store flammable fluids like fuel safely. They are recommended to be fabricated from aluminium and stainless steel so that leaks can be prevented. These materials are also great for fuel tanks as they can last for a long time.

Water Tanks

Water tanks, as their name implies, are containers that can hold freshwater or wash water. Some water tanks may be portable, while others can be mounted or installed securely in specific parts of marine vessels. These tanks are vital to the plumbing system of boats.

Motor Pods

Marine pods are marine power systems that can substitute the functions of shafts, struts, and rudders. They are often comprised of the transmission, outdrive, and propellers to effectively direct propeller thrust. Motor pods are known to be more efficient and more compact than conventional running gears.

Bait Boards

For fishing purposes, bait boards can be effective in speeding up the bait prep process and catching more fish. They can be crafted out of various materials and can feature different sizes and shapes. Opting for quality bait boards allows marine vessels to acquire fish quickly and more efficiently.

Centre Consoles

Centre consoles possess centrally located consoles wherein the controls are installed with a leaning post or seat behind for the driver. These consoles are highly recommended for offshore fishing as they are centred in the floorplan, allowing fishing to be done from any position around the marine vessel.

Steering Consoles

Steering consoles are devices that hold the marine vessel’s steering wheel. They often possess an angled panel for throttle lever and electronic instruments. Some makes of steering consoles can boast a windshield and a handrail.

Sewage Tanks

Sewage tanks are also part of the boat plumbing systems. They are often maximised to hold wastewater from marine toilets, showers, baths, sinks, and other similar utilities. Wastewater is often stored on these tanks so it can be disposed of legally and safely.

To acquire high-quality marine products, you must call us at Canfred Engineering.

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