Primary Benefits of Aluminium Components in the Marine Industry

07 September 2022

The marine industry uses boats, large shipping vessels, and others to reach various places through bodies of water. Personal watercraft is often utilised for leisure purposes, while large shipping vessels transport a huge number of products from one place to another.

Since these things must traverse the waters for a long time, their components should be able to withstand the elements present in their surroundings. Before they sail towards specific locations, they are already exposed to heat and moisture, which can be damaging for some materials. And as they travel, their exposure to elements continues to expand. Weather conditions may even test the durability of their components.

One factor, therefore, that the marine industry normally considers in picking the components for the boats and shipping vessels is material.

Benefits of Aluminium in the Marine Industry

Aluminium is known to be the most abundant metal on the Earth as it makes up 8.1% of the planet’s crust. It can be often found in minerals like cryolite and bauxite that are extracted by the mining industry. But as the world turns to more sustainable practices, the recycling industry now produces reprocessed aluminium plates, sheets, and others, ensuring that manufacturers can yield tons of aluminium parts and components optimally.

Even though tons of metals can be utilised by the marine industry, most businesses that are part of the industry still opt for aluminium. Aluminium, after all, is lightweight, allowing the industry to craft components that won’t consume more fuel once installed.

Aluminium is also beneficial for the marine industry as it is strong and durable. Components made from aluminium are expected to resist corrosion, allowing them to last for a long time. They can even be covered with protective coatings, which can boost their tolerance for saltwater. Another benefit of aluminium is that it is flexible. Boat components made from aluminium can maximise various styles and finishes thanks to the material’s formability.

Aluminium Alloys Suitable for Marine Usage

Now, one more benefit of aluminium is it is diverse. By adding various elements to this material, it can generate alloys that can surely help the marine industry obtain its needed components.

One popular aluminium alloy that is great for marine applications is the 5xxx series. These alloys have great weld yield strengths of up to 200 MPa and boast good weld ductility. They are also known for their high corrosion resistance and dependable tensile strength. Aluminium marine grades that are part of this series are 5052, 5083, and 5086.

Another set of aluminium alloys that is useful for the marine industry is the 6xxx series. Both 6061 and 6063 aluminium grades are part of this series, which are both recommended for great yield strength and respectable formability. They can even bear a good surface finish.

With these qualities, aluminium can easily be maximised in producing fuel and water tanks for the marine industry. Aluminium can even be used in generating other boat parts like steering consoles, centre consoles, sewage tanks, and other relevant components.

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