Steel Hydraulic Oil Tanks by Canfred Engineering: Primary Functions

16 November 2023


Give power to hydraulic systems and ensure vehicle performance with steel hydraulic oil tanks. Offered by Canfred Engineering, discover their primary functions.

Steel hydraulic oil tanks are integral components of trucks equipped with hydraulic systems. These tanks serve several essential functions to truck owners and users, playing a crucial role in powering hydraulic equipment and ensuring the overall performance of the vehicle. If you are currently maximising trucks for your business, you must know how these tanks perform and function.

Some of the primary functions of steel hydraulic oil tanks are as follows.

Store Hydraulic Fluid

One of the primary functions of steel hydraulic oil tanks is to store hydraulic fluid. Hydraulic fluid, which is typically oil-based, is essential for transferring power in hydraulic systems. These systems are commonly found in trucks utilised for applications like lifting, dumping, or towing heavy loads. Through these tanks, the stored hydraulic fluid can be maximised by hydraulic systems to generate force and motion, enabling them to function accordingly.

Dissipate Excess Heat

Hydraulic fluid can often generate heat during the operation of hydraulic systems, especially in heavy-duty applications. Fortunately, steel hydraulic oil tanks typically maximise integrated cooling systems or heat exchangers to dissipate excess heat. Their added components help maintain the optimal temperature of the fluid as well as prevent overheating of the systems.

Remove Contaminants

Many steel hydraulic oil tanks, especially those that are customised, are equipped with filtration systems to remove contaminants and debris from the hydraulic fluid. The presence of clean hydraulic fluid is essential for the longevity of hydraulic components and the overall system efficiency.

Separate Air

Steel hydraulic oil tanks may likewise incorporate air separation features to eliminate air bubbles or entrapped air from the hydraulic fluid. Proper air separation ensures smooth hydraulic system operation and minimises the risk of cavitation, which can damage hydraulic system components.

Provide Protection

Steel hydraulic oil tanks produced by reputable metal fabricators are typically designed to be rugged and durable. These qualities of tanks allow them to protect the hydraulic fluid from external contaminants and environmental factors that could compromise its quality.

When choosing steel hydraulic oil tanks, you must opt for those made by experienced fabricators. Our team at Canfred Engineering can provide you with custom steel hydraulic oil tanks to meet your specific needs. We often consider the size, shape, mounting option, and additional features you require for your trucks, fitting your intended uses and applications.

And once you obtain the tanks, you must ensure they will be inspected and maintained regularly. Some things you must check are the hydraulic fluid levels, filters, and other components. Regular maintenance is crucial to ensure the reliability of the hydraulic system.

Steel hydraulic oil tanks are indispensable components in trucks equipped with hydraulic systems. They store, cool, filter, and maintain hydraulic fluid, ensuring the reliable operation of hydraulic equipment used in a wide range of industries, including construction, transportation, and logistics. Properly designed and maintained hydraulic oil tanks can contribute to the efficiency, safety, and performance of your trucks, especially in demanding applications.

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