Top 5 Boat Problems that Canfred Engineering Can Troubleshoot

23 August 2022

Boats have been significant to people who want to travel across the waters and spend quality time with their families and friends. They are likewise vital to those who want to just sail for leisure and try to catch some fish along the way.

But before they can be manoeuvred and sailed to bodies of water effectively, owners of these marine vessels should ensure that they are inspected and maintained regularly. After all, having some issues with these vessels in the middle of the sail can potentially lead to life risks.

If you currently own a boat, you may have to ensure that it will be inspected and maintained optimally. You must also have it checked and repaired by a professional to prevent encountering any issues. At Canfred Engineering, we can easily fix the following problems your boat may currently possess.

  1. Failure to Start

One common boat problem that we can resolve is ignition failure. One potential reason why your boat fails to start is due to an electrical issue. If the actual starter switch is loose, we will be tightening the retaining screws to fasten it back into place. Your boat may also not start due to a poor connection or a low battery. With our professional team, we can have these parts checked, cleaned, and maintained. We can likewise replace some of the ignition system components to ensure that your boat can start again.

  1. Steering Issue

Steering is necessary to direct your boat in a specific direction. If it does not work, you must have it checked by our team at Canfred Engineering. Our team of experts can check the hydraulic fluid level if it has some leaks. Once leaks are found, we can tighten the fitting to ensure that this component will be airtight. Alternatively, we can check the cable system if it has loose connections. If some of them have become worn out, we can replace them right away.

  1. Shifting Problem

Another boat problem that you may encounter during your sail would have to do with your shifting. Shifting out of neutral is necessary to manage the speed of the boat during the sail. If your boat’s shifting ability has been problematic, you must have it checked by a team of professionals. Luckily, we at Canfred Engineering can inspect the gearbox and reconnect any loose transmission cables. We can also repair your faulty transmission unit if needed.

  1. Dead Engine

Your engine may have successfully started in the beginning. But if it becomes dead and nonoperational after a few seconds or minutes, your engine requires immediate servicing. Our team of experts will check if the kill switch has been triggered unexpectedly. We would also check if the ignition switch and its connections are loose. Ultimately, we will also clean the engine to remove any corrosive elements that may be found on its parts and surfaces.

  1. Excessive Vibrations

A boat with smooth acceleration can provide you with a great sailing experience. However, if you experience some vibrations as it accelerates, you must have it checked by professionals. Our team at Canfred Engineering can check the prop blades if they have become damaged. If they have minor distortions and objects stuck in their blades, we will be servicing them right away. We will also service any faulty rubber bushing to prevent bumpy boat acceleration.

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