Top Reasons Why You Must Invest in an Aluminium Fuel Tank instead of the Plastic One

11 October 2022

The materials used in constructing marine vessel components should be capable of withstanding weather elements like heat and moisture. Without using the right materials, owners of marine vessels might be surprised at how fast their assets corrode and deteriorate.

One marine vessel component that must be made from high-quality materials is the fuel tank.

As its name implies, a fuel tank serves as a storage space for fuel that will be used later. It is also meant to maintain the temperature level of the fuel below its flash point, preventing it from causing hazardous reactions to the marine vessel. Many materials can be used in producing this component. However, marine vessel owners should only maximise a fuel tank made from aluminium instead of plastic.

The Limitations of Plastic Fuel Tank

Many marine vessel owners may opt for aluminium fuel tanks right away, but others would still go for plastic ones due to numerous reasons.

For one, many plastic fuel tanks today already boast a strong and durable chassis, enticing marine vessel owners to acquire them. These tanks are even lighter than the aluminium ones, which allows marine vessels to burn less fuel and power during long-distance trips. Plastic fuel tanks may even minimise the chances of fuel explosion as they do not get hot right away.

Permeability, however, is one thing that deters marine vessel owners from acquiring and using plastic fuel tanks. As time passes, these tanks may allow fuel to permeate onto their surfaces, which can lead to leaking fuel vapours and generating ignition risks. Another limitation of plastic fuel tanks is their formability. The structural integrity of fuel tanks may already be compromised once they have exceeded certain shapes and structures. And with these limitations, plastic fuel tanks may end up becoming a liability instead of a valuable investment.

Investing in Aluminium Fuel Tanks

Aluminium fuel tanks are preferred by many marine vessel owners as they are affordable. Many fabrication shops are already offering these tanks to their clients. With their abundance, the supply for these tanks is also expected to be plentiful, which makes their prices go low.

Aside from their affordability, aluminium fuel tanks are a much more valuable investment than plastic ones as they are versatile. Aluminium materials can be conveniently rolled and bent into simple to complicated shapes. Their flexibility and versatility allow aluminium fuel tanks to boast dimensions that make them suitable for any marine vessel.

As for longevity, aluminium fuel tanks can resist tons of damaging elements. Some elements that these tanks can withstand are heat, moisture, dust, corrosion, and others that can be found in the surroundings. Even dents and dings are not enough to damage them deeply. They likewise do not cause any leak, making them safe and secure.

Of course, to ensure that aluminium fuel tanks can truly last for years, they should be manufactured by a reputable fabricator. A reliable fabricator should have all the tools in manufacturing the said tanks. They should also have experience in generating these products. If you need one, you can contact us at Canfred Engineering.

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