Aluminium Fuel Tank Modifications and Replacements for Heavy Duty Trucks

20 March 2024

Enhance heavy-duty truck performance with aluminium fuel tank modifications and replacements by Canfred Engineering. Explore why efficiency upgrades are vital.

When it comes to heavy-duty trucks, an aluminium fuel tank is a necessary addition since it can help ensure fuel efficiency and performance. Aluminium fuel tank modifications and replacements, fortunately, offer a solution that can enhance these aspects, providing benefits that extend beyond traditional steel tanks. Canfred Engineering offers these services to let truck owners like you maximise tanks that can optimise their trucks’ operations.

Modifications and Replacements

Aluminium fuel tank modifications and replacements refer to the process of upgrading or replacing existing fuel tanks in heavy-duty trucks with storage tanks. Some aspects of these modifications and replacements are as follows.

•  Material Upgrade: The primary modification involves replacing traditional steel fuel tanks with tanks constructed from aluminium. Aluminium offers benefits such as lightweight, corrosion resistance, and durability, making it a preferred choice for fuel tank applications in heavy-duty trucks.

•  Customisation: Aluminium fuel tanks can be customised to suit specific truck configurations, including dimensions, capacities, and mounting options. Customisation ensures optimal fitment within the vehicle’s chassis while enhancing available space and maintaining vehicle balance.

•  Capacity Adjustment: In some cases, the capacity of fuel tanks can be adjusted during the replacement or modification process. It can involve increasing or decreasing the tank’s volume to better suit the truck’s operational requirements, payload capacity, and range.

•  Installation Enhancements: The process of replacing or modifying fuel tanks involves the installation of aluminium tanks onto the truck’s chassis. This may require modifications to mounting brackets, fuel lines, and other components to ensure proper fitment and functionality.

•  Compliance and Safety: Modifications can involve the adherence to regulatory standards and safety guidelines. They may include ensuring proper venting, securing the tank against vibration and impact, and preventing fuel leaks or spills that may pose safety hazards or environmental risks.

Efficiency Upgrades are Needed

These modifications and replacements must be done to effectively upgrade the performance of the fuel tanks. Here are some reasons why these services are necessary.

•  Improve Fuel Efficiency: Fuel efficiency is a vital consideration for heavy-duty truck operators, given the substantial fuel consumption associated with long-haul journeys. Modifying and replacing aluminium fuel tanks can contribute to improved fuel efficiency as they can boast lighter weight and more efficient components.

•  Enhance Durability and Longevity: Heavy-duty trucks operate in demanding conditions, subjecting fuel tanks to various stresses such as vibrations, impacts, and exposure to corrosive elements. Aluminium fuel tanks that have been modified are inherently more durable than the standard tanks, resisting corrosion and damage caused by road debris and environmental factors. Their added durability translates to a longer service life, reducing upkeep costs and downtime.

•  Guarantee Compliance: In addition to performance benefits, modified aluminium fuel tanks help heavy-duty truck operators comply with stringent environmental regulations. The added features of upgraded aluminium tanks can ensure they remain leak-free, preventing fuel spills and environmental contamination. By investing in these tanks, truck operators demonstrate their commitment to regulatory compliance and environmental stewardship.

Aluminium fuel tank modifications and replacements by Canfred Engineering offer significant advantages for heavy-duty trucks, including improved fuel efficiency, durability, and customisation options. Contact us today to achieve cost savings, comply with regulations, and enhance the overall performance of your trucks.

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