Aluminium Water Tank Fabrication: Can Water Damage Aluminium Surfaces?

13 April 2023

Motorboats, yachts, and other sailing vessels must use varying elements to ensure that their whole trip will be successful. Auxiliary fuel tanks, for instance, must be maintained and stored optimally so they can provide the needed power for the sailing vessels whenever necessary.

Another element that motorboats and yachts should take advantage of is a water tank. A water tank, as its name implies, is a container meant to store water. Sailing vessels may be traversing the water throughout their trip. However, the water surrounding them is often not safe for drinking and other uses. Hence, owners of these vessels must invest in a water tank that can store clean water and maintain its quality.

Numerous materials can be used in making water tanks. However, one material that stands out the most is aluminium.

The Reliability of Aluminium

One quality of water tanks that should be present for a long time is water resistance. If the materials used on these tanks can easily get damaged once exposed to water, then they will certainly not last for a long time. Aluminium, fortunately, can be used in water tanks as prolonged water exposure does not damage its surface.

This silvery-white metal, which was once considered a precious material, is now utilised by a wide range of industries in making their parts and products. The marine industry, of course, has also maximised the aluminium in making some parts of sailing vessels, which includes railings, ladders, stairs, and other furnishing or items that may be near or on the water.

Using aluminium in making water tanks is a common practice nowadays as this material does not react violently when exposed to water. As a matter of fact, putting aluminium in water does not trigger any effect. And the main reason behind this is that aluminium is protected by an oxide film, which prevents the water from doing anything to the material. The only time water can damage the aluminium is once this protective film has been removed.

Benefits of Aluminium Tanks

Since aluminium can resist water, tanks made from this material are expected to resist rust and corrosion. Rust and corrosion may only develop if the surfaces of products do not have any form of shield. As aluminium water tanks maximise an oxide film, moisture and other damaging elements will have a hard time destroying their surfaces.

Another benefit of aluminium water tanks is they are lightweight. Aluminium is a material that can be lightweight without compromising its quality. Once used as water tanks, ship owners can expect their fuel use and engine load to be lower compared to using heavier water tanks. This benefit can then translate into lower expenses in the long run.

Sustainability is another advantage of aluminium water tanks that other materials may lack. Aluminium water tanks may last for numerous years. But once they have reached the end of their service life, ship owners can still salvage their value by sending them to a recycling centre. The said centre can then give them some cash in exchange for these tanks.

To purchase an aluminium water tank for your motorboat or yacht, you can contact us at Canfred Engineering.

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