Auxiliary Fuel Tanks: Extend Your Truck’s Fuel Capacity

04 September 2023


Increase the fuel capacity of your trucks and other large vehicles with auxiliary fuel tanks from Canfred Engineering. Call us today at 03 9761 0595.

Auxiliary fuel tanks or transfer fuel tanks are additional storage units designed to increase the fuel capacity of trucks and other large vehicles. They can often be found on the truck bed, providing extra fuel storage beyond the capacity of the vehicle’s standard fuel tank.

For truck owners who frequently travel long distances or work in remote areas, running out of fuel can be a significant concern. Therefore, they should take advantage of auxiliary fuel tanks so they can extend their truck’s fuel capacity. To date, these tanks can already come in various sizes and configurations to accommodate different vehicle types and fuel requirements. They can be fabricated out of aluminium or steel so they can withstand the rigours of transportation.

If you own or are currently managing some trucks, you may want to invest in auxiliary fuel tanks to gain tons of benefits. Some of their benefits are as follows.

Increased Range and Flexibility

One of the primary advantages of auxiliary fuel tanks is their ability to extend the range of a truck. By adding extra fuel capacity, your trucks can travel and cover longer distances without the need for frequent refuelling stops. With increased range and flexibility, truck drivers can optimise their travel routes, reduce downtime, and complete their journeys more efficiently.

Convenient On-Site Refuelling

Refuelling auxiliary fuel tanks offers the convenience of on-site refuelling. It can be valuable for industries like construction, agriculture, and mining, where equipment and vehicles operate in remote job sites. Having an auxiliary fuel tank allows drivers to refuel their trucks on-site, eliminating the need for time-consuming detours to find fuel stations. It saves valuable time and ensures uninterrupted productivity, enabling businesses to maximise their operational efficiency and meet project deadlines effectively.

Significant Budget and Cost Savings 

By carrying additional fuel in an auxiliary tank, you can easily take advantage of cost savings. You can have the flexibility to compare fuel prices and fill up when rates are lower, resulting in substantial savings over time, especially for high-mileage trips. Additionally, auxiliary fuel tanks enable better budget management, as you can allocate specific amounts for fuel expenses and plan accordingly. With a larger fuel capacity, you or your drivers can benefit from volume discounts offered by some fuel suppliers and potentially negotiate better fuel rates.

Ensured Safety and Security

Ultimately, auxiliary fuel tanks contribute to the safety and security of the trucks. With extended fuel capacity, drivers can ensure they have sufficient fuel reserves in case of emergencies or unexpected situations. Having an ample fuel supply also reduces the risk of running out of fuel in hazardous environments, enhancing driver safety and preventing potential accidents. Some auxiliary fuel tanks can even be equipped with security features such as locking mechanisms, protecting the fuel from theft and unauthorised access.

Auxiliary fuel tanks are an asset for those seeking to extend the fuel capacity and enhance the travel capabilities of the trucks. By investing in this type of tank, you can maximise the efficiency of your trucks, reduce downtime, and gain peace of mind knowing you have a reliable and extended fuel supply. Whether it’s for professional use or personal adventures, auxiliary fuel tanks can add convenience and flexibility to your beloved trucks.

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