Custom Fabrication: Under Tray Storage in Trucks and Vans

05 January 2024


Maximise storage efficiency with custom fabrication by Canfred Engineering. Explore the benefits of under tray storage for trucks and vans. Call 03 9761 0595.

Trucks and vans normally maximise huge cargo space for the storage and transport of a wide range of loads. Often used for commercial purposes, these vehicles can help businesses obtain or deliver vital items, equipment, and others. But to further optimise cargo space and ensure their seamless operation, trucks and vans must be integrated with under tray storage, which can be fabricated effectively with custom fabrication services by Canfred Engineering.

Efficient Storage in Transportation

Trucks and vans can help carry out delivery services to construction and beyond. Their ability to transport goods and equipment efficiently is directly tied to the design and functionality of these vehicles. Custom fabrication of under tray storage, however, emerges as a game-changing solution for businesses looking to maximise the storage capacity and organisational efficiency of these vehicles.

Once efficient storage has been achieved, businesses can gain the following benefits.

• Added Cargo Space: Every square inch matters when it comes to transporting goods. Efficient storage solutions, such as under tray storage, allow businesses to make the most of the available cargo space, increasing the quantity and variety of items that can be transported in a single trip.

• Optimised Organisation: Well-designed storage solutions contribute to organisational efficiency. Items can be categorised, secured, and easily accessed, reducing the time and effort required for loading and unloading cargo in time-sensitive industries.

• Enhanced Safety: Proper storage solutions contribute to the safety of both the cargo and the vehicle occupants. Securely stored items are less likely to shift during transit, minimising the risk of accidents or damage to goods.

• Customised Solutions: Different industries have varied storage needs. Custom fabrication allows for the design and installation of storage solutions tailored to the specific requirements of the business, whether it involves transporting tools, equipment, perishable goods, or other items.

Utilise Custom Under Tray Storage

At Canfred Engineering, we can carry out custom fabrication services for businesses that want to equip their trucks and vans with under tray storage. Through this type of storage, businesses can maximise the storage capacity of their vehicles without compromising their existing cargo space. Under tray storage can also help them acquire easy access to tools, equipment, or other items stored beneath the vehicle. This accessibility streamlines loading and unloading processes.

Custom under tray storage solutions can then last for a long time since they can be made from materials that can resist weather elements. They can also be built and come in various dimensions and specifications, helping them accommodate various types of cargo.

Working with Canfred Engineering

The success of under tray storage lies in the precision and customisation offered by Canfred Engineering’s custom fabrication.

Our team can first carry out a thorough assessment of the truck or van to further understand its specific storage requirements. We heavily consider the size, weight, and nature of the items that will be stored. Next, we select the best materials for the under tray storage. We make sure the materials that will be used for its fabrication are sturdy, weather-resistant, and suitable for their intended purpose. We then fabricate them with the right tools and processes and install them accordingly.

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