Electronic Communication: Why You Should Pick Metal Audio and Video Bollards?

17 November 2022

Commercial establishments allow vehicles to pass through and park safely through the construction of driveways and parking spaces. But since they must also ensure the welfare of the pedestrians, they would often maximise bollards as their primary protective measures.

Bollards used to be only maximised on ships. But as time passes, their design can make them also beneficial for properties that need to protect pedestrians and passers-by. Bollards are posts that can deter vehicles from colliding with people on the sidewalk. They can likewise outline the areas and boundaries where vehicles can move. Aside from traffic management and pedestrian safety, bollards can also be used to enhance landscaping.

Now, bollards may be integrated with electronic communication systems to make them more functional for both pedestrians and vehicle owners. Audio and video bollards can now be maximised by property owners to protect everyone from danger. Now, if you want to install them, you must go for the metal ones due to the following reasons.

Low Maintenance

Installing metal audio and video bollards is a good move for your property as they are renowned for their durability. When fabricated by a reputable company, you can expect these bollards to be crafted with stainless steel or aluminium, which are known for their resistance to heat, moisture, and other outdoor elements. And even though their surfaces can gather some dirt, dust, and grime, they can be cleaned easily by wiping or washing them. The durability of their surfaces makes these bollards simple to clean and maintain.


Another reason why you must opt for metal audio and video bollards is they are appealing. Both stainless steel and aluminium maximise surfaces that are pleasing to look at. With the right fabrication technique, your bollards can conveniently boast a finish that can fit the existing appeal of your property. They can even be painted in a wide array of colours. Powder coating is likewise possible, which can enhance their durability significantly. As you invest in these bollards, your property can entice more customers or clients to transact with your business.

Strong Defence

The audio and video systems integrated into the bollards can be easily damaged by rainfall, heat, and other weather elements. But by investing in metal bollards, you can conveniently protect them from these elements for a long time. The bollards can cover the components of these systems optimally, preventing the previously stated elements from reaching and damaging them. Even in vehicular collisions, your metal bollards can still brace the impact for the systems, which are known to be more expensive than the bollards themselves.


Being durable and appealing can ultimately make metal audio and video bollards cost-efficient. These products may be somehow more expensive than others, but their long service life can easily compensate for the amount of money you have spent. These bollards are also cost-efficient given that they can be installed, serviced, and maintained easily, eliminating the need to replace them from time to time. As your electronic communication systems work, these bollards can boost your building’s curb appeal while letting the systems function accordingly.

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