How to Prolong the Service Life of Aluminium Water Tanks?

20 February 2023

People depend heavily on water as it can be used for many things. First, it can be used to clean dishes, clothes, and other things. It can then be used for taking a bath. But the most important use of water is it can keep everyone hydrated. Even without eating too much food, people can somehow survive for a few days by just drinking water.

Given the importance of water, boats and other marine vessels maximise tanks to store this essential element. Water tanks are containers that can store a large volume of water. And to ensure that they can last for a long time, they should be produced out of durable materials.

Advantages of Aluminium Water Tanks

Aluminium is a material often preferred in producing water tanks. This material, after all, has tons of advantages and benefits that boat owners and other people onboard can maximise.

First, aluminium water tanks are safe for water storage. Their overall composition allows them to store water without affecting its quality. It makes water consumption and usage safe for everyone onboard, preventing anyone from getting illnesses or diseases. Another advantage of aluminium water tanks is they are lightweight. The weight of water tanks can be heavy, especially if they are made from other metals. Aluminium, fortunately, is lightweight. This characteristic helps boats and others to only spend less energy as they travel with these tanks.

Aluminium water tanks are not only safe and lightweight, but they are also resistant to elements. Sometimes, these tanks may be exposed to elements like heat, moisture, and others. The durability of these tanks makes it possible for them to last for years without obtaining damage.

Prolong Aluminium Water Tanks’ Life

If you will be investing in and maximising the aluminium water tank for your boat, you may want to know the factors that can affect its service life. Knowing the following can help you extend the service life of your beloved tank by carrying out the right corresponding actions.

• Location: One of the factors that can affect the service life of your aluminium water tank is its location. Your water tank is still made from metal. Hence, it may still corrode if it will be exposed continuously to wind or salt water. One recommendation for protecting your water tank is to add sheeting on its surface. You may also apply a treatment to protect the tank from the damaging effects of these elements. Of course, you must likewise place the tank in an area with minimal sunlight to prevent heat from damaging its surface.

• Usage: Another factor that can affect the service life of aluminium tanks is their overall usage. Some users of these tanks may fill in them with unfiltered water. This type of water can, unfortunately, gradually damage the tank interior due to the minerals it possesses. If you want your aluminium water tank to last longer, you must only fill it in with clean and pure water. A liner can then be added so that the tank will be protected. It can also stop oxidised zinc from combining with water.

Cleaning and maintenance are also two processes that should be done to prolong the service life of your aluminium water tank. To purchase an aluminium water tank for your boat or ship, you can contact us at Canfred Engineering.

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