The Pros and Cons of Adding a Centre Console on Your Boat

28 June 2022

The functions of your boat may only be maximised and regulated fully if you integrate a central control panel. And one best thing that you can utilise is a centre console.

Adding a centre console on your boat allows your marine vessel to obtain a central control station. It lets you handle trim control, radio, ignition, steering, and even electronic systems. Mostly positioned in the middle of the deck, it can make everything convenient for those who will be assigned to control it. Through the addition of this system, you can expect your boat to be capable of fishing and riding on the open water more enjoyable and safer.

Most Common Features

Before knowing the pros and cons of a centre console on your boat, you must first know the features that it may possess.

One of the features that it may possess is T-top. T-top is a type of roofing that is connected to the centre console compartment. It does not utilise strap or support brackets, allowing your marine vessel to still have an uninterrupted view of the surrounding waters. This feature protects passengers from the weather. A hardtop is another feature that your centre console may have. It is a permanent structure that is linked to the bimini frame of your boat for added support. The purpose of this feature is to deter ocean water from accumulating in your deck area.

A centre console may also feature a windshield, which must be aerodynamically designed to divert the upcoming wind from its operator. As for storing bait or fish, a livewell can carry out this purpose. This small tank can attain freshwater from adjacent containers to keep its water aerated. The cover of the centre console, finally, intends to protect the whole system from environmental hazards.

Advantages and Disadvantages

One great advantage of adding a centre console to your boat is it provides an uninterrupted view of your surroundings. This type of view allows you and others to move through any water form safely. Another advantage of adding this console is it provides an all-around seating arrangement for passengers, distributing weight evenly across your marine vessel. A centre console also provides more room for additional devices and electronics, more space for baiting tackle, and more privacy at the wheel.

As for the disadvantages, adding a centre console may take up a lot of space on your deck. It may also not fit boats intended for water sports due to its awkward hull design. While it is comprised of weather-resistant cover and other elements, it still has less weather protection compared to other consoles.

A List of Compatible Boats

Many types of boats can fit well with a centre console. Some of these boats include fishing boats, bass boats, aluminium boats, jon boats, hurricane boats, and ranger boats.

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