Why Should You Invest in Metal Flooring from Canfred Engineering for Your Boat?

01 December 2022

Boats have been around for a long time, helping people travel across waters properly and safely. They also help in transferring products from one place to another.

Given the functions of boats, they should be made from durable and long-lasting components. The flooring, for instance, must be able to handle foot traffic for a long time. It should also be durable against moisture, heat, and other elements present in the surroundings.

Many materials can be used in manufacturing boat flooring. Some of these materials are vinyl, wood, and fibreglass. While these materials are great for their appeal and durability, boat owners would still pick the metal one over them. If you currently own a boat, you may want to equip it with metal flooring from Canfred Engineering due to the following reasons.


Metal flooring from Canfred Engineering can be good for your boat as it is durable. Aluminium and stainless steel are two of the most common metals used in constructing boat flooring. Using either one of them for your boat flooring ensures that it can resist high impact, moisture, and heat. Hence, even with regular usage of the boat, you do not have to worry about instances of cracks, dents, shrinking, decay, and swelling throughout your metal flooring’s service life. Their resistance to elements allows this flooring to last for years.


We, at Canfred Engineering, have been in the metal fabrication business for many years, serving a wide array of clients. With our experience in handling the said operation, we can effectively manufacture metal flooring for your boat without compromising its quality. And with the addition of aluminium or stainless steel, you can expect it to remain resilient and stable, contributing to the structural strength of your beloved boat. Even in an unexpected collision, your boat will remain intact thanks to the installation of metal flooring.


Aside from its durability and toughness, metal flooring is also a great buy for your boat since it can provide an enhanced storage area. Upon the installation of this flooring, you can expect more room for your bilge, adding more space for you to store large items like chains, water tanks, and other boat accessories. The addition of functional storage space allows your boat to be less cramped and crowded compared before.


Investing in metal flooring from Canfred Engineering for your boat will not give you any headache as it can be installed and maintained without shelling out too much money. Metal flooring can already be installed with fewer, shorter bolts compared to other floor types. Drilling the said flooring is also not necessary when installing it on your boat. As for its maintenance, you can simply maintain its surface finish by wiping it with the right cleaning products. These straightforward installation and upkeep requirements make this flooring affordable.

All these reasons make metal flooring a great component to add to your sailing boat. And with our quality metal fabrication services at Canfred Engineering, you can expect your boat to become more valuable than before. To acquire high-quality metal flooring for your boat, you can contact us at Canfred Engineering.

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