How to Extend the Service Life of Your Aluminium Fuel Tank

06 January 2022

Vehicles and marine vessels primarily maximise fuel tanks to ensure that they have enough fuel supply. These tanks can also make sure that the fuel temperature will be optimal, preventing it from causing harm and danger to the vehicles and marine vessels.

Many materials can be maximised in producing fuel tanks. But one specific material that is used by the majority of vehicle and marine vessel owners is aluminium. Aluminium fuel tanks have been around for a long time thanks to the benefits they can bring to the automotive and marine industries. But to ensure that they can work optimally, various upkeep activities must be conducted regularly.

Advantages of Using Aluminium Fuel Tank

Aluminium fuel tanks are preferred by owners of vehicles and marine vessels due to their accompanying advantages. Some of the advantages they often provide are as follows:

  • Lightweight– One of the advantages of aluminium fuel tanks is that they are lightweight. Since vehicles and marine vessels can be sensitive to weight, opting for fuel tanks that are too heavy can easily affect their performance and increase energy use. Opting for aluminium fuel tanks, alternatively, do not generate any of the said negative effects to the said transport mechanisms.
  • Affordable– Another great advantage of aluminium fuel tanks is that they are affordable. Since aluminium materials can be obtained easily today, manufacturers can conveniently craft and transport aluminium fuel tanks without asking for a high price.
  • Long-Lasting– One more advantage of aluminium fuel tanks is that they are long-lasting. The longevity of aluminium fuel tanks is brought by their excellent resistance to punctures, corrosion, and extreme outdoor elements. Their resistance to these elements allows the tanks to last for decades without losing their ability to carry out their primary functions.

Extending the Life of Aluminium Fuel Tank

If you are currently using an aluminium fuel tank for your vehicle or marine vessel, then you must do everything just to maximise its overall value and extend its service life. One great way of maximising your aluminium fuel tank is by conducting regular cleaning and maintenance.

The cleaning and maintenance of your aluminium fuel tank can be done by emptying its content through a pump, removing it from the vehicle or marine vessel, and cleaning it thoroughly. The cleaning action for the aluminium fuel tank often depends on the requirements set by the manufacturer, which can be easily seen through its accompanying manual or guide.

Your aluminium fuel tank, however, can already be cleaned by washing it with water. The removal of rust, alternatively, can be done by rolling an iron chain on its surfaces. Rust and corrosion can also be removed by using a fuel tank cleaner or acid. Once these steps are done, your aluminium fuel tank can be finally washed with water. The newly cleaned tank can only be installed again if it is already dry.

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