Why Do Some Australian Boat Builders Prefer Buying Aluminium Fuel Tanks Over Other Options?

24 May 2021

Many boats today utilise engines to keep everything running. And to power up these engines effectively, they would normally consume a compatible energy source, which is mostly fuel. Fuel is often stored in fuel tanks that can be made from a wide array of materials.

Some fuel tanks are made from stainless steel given that the material can resist corrosion and temperature. It also has great tensile strength and durability. Aside from stainless steel, fuel tanks can also be produced out of plastic, particularly polyethylene. This type of material grants cheap manufacturing costs, respectable durability, and effective resistance to elements.

While these materials are already enough for boats, many Australian boat builders still prefer aluminium fuel tanks over them. They often go with the aluminium ones due to their following characteristics:

Lightweight Property

Weight is one of the aspects of aluminium fuel tanks that others usually cannot beat. Aluminium, naturally, is lightweight. And with the integration of aluminium parts and components to the fuel tanks, they can easily boast weight that will not leave any negative impact on the boats. As a matter of fact, opting for aluminium fuel tanks would provide significant weight savings of 1.36 kg or more, which is already substantial given that boats have some more vital parts and components.

Resistant to Elements

Another characteristic of aluminium fuel tanks that others do not have is their resistance to elements. They can easily resist and withstand the effects of corrosion, which can then preserve the overall appearance and function of the tanks. They can even conduct heat and electricity effectively, avoiding any issues that may develop as soon as these elements become present. The resistance of these fuel tanks to the mentioned elements allows them to be truly strong and durable.

Stabilisation Feature

Aluminium fuel tanks often have baffles to ensure that the fuel will stay put throughout the sailing activity. These tanks can prevent fuel from moving around excessively while the boat is in motion. Without this specific feature, the fuel might leak and cause other issues that can affect the performance of the boats. It might even affect the quality of fuel after flowing rapidly from various directions.

Ease of Customisation

Aside from their strong and lightweight properties, aluminium fuel tanks are preferred by boat builders over others as they can be customised according to the preferences of the builders. Aluminium as a material can be easily fabricated due to its flexible and ductile properties. Hence, aluminium fuel tanks can effectively fit any spaces that are designated for them. They can even boast dimensions that would expand their fuel capacity to larger amounts.

Lengthy Service Life

Boat builders can expect aluminium fuel tanks to last for a very long time due to their accompanying strength and durability. When crafted well, these tanks can last for more than 25 years, which is already long enough for a boat that sails regularly. These tanks may even outlive other components of the boat.

If you want to acquire an aluminium fuel tank for your boat, feel free to call us at Canfred Engineering. We have been making aluminium fuel and water tanks for the motorboat and yacht industry, catering to many of the Australian boat builders along the way.



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