Water Tank Fabrication: Qualities You Should Consider for Your Water Storage Tank

07 March 2023

Owners of boats, ships, and other marine vessels take advantage of components that can ensure the safety and security of people onboard. They must also make sure that the passengers and the crew will be able to survive the trip without getting sick.

One of the components these marine vessels need is a water storage tank. A water storage tank, as its name implies, is intended to store water for future consumption. Even though the areas where marine vessels travel are filled with water, it is highly advised to not drink the water found in these places. It may look clean, but it may contain microbes that can disturb one’s digestive system. It may even lead to serious illnesses that can only be cured at a hospital.

The water storage tank, therefore, ensures that people can drink clean water whenever necessary during the cruise. It can also provide enough water for other activities like washing and cleaning. If you will be buying a water storage tank for your boat or ship, here are some qualities you must thoroughly consider.


One of the qualities you must consider thoroughly is the durability of the tank. Many materials can be used in fabricating water tanks. But two of the most popular materials for water tank fabrication are aluminium and stainless steel. These materials are effective in water tanks as they can withstand natural wear. They can also resist weather and sea elements, as long as they are maintained regularly. These tanks can likewise deter the effects of cracking, expansion, and rusting, allowing them to last for a long time.


Since drinking water may be obtained through a water storage tank, you must ensure that you only get a tank that is proven to be hygienic. A water tank compatible with storing drinking water should be the one you must get so you and others can enjoy drinking clean water without worrying about getting sick during the trip. Again, water tanks made from aluminium and stainless steel can be hygienic as they do not allow bacteria and others to grow. Their non-porous surfaces likewise prevent outside elements from contaminating your water supply.


Corrosion is the process of deterioration that often happens on metal materials. It is often caused by the interaction of materials with their surroundings. And while most water tanks made from metals can corrode, those made from stainless steel are slated to last for years without any signs of deterioration on their surfaces caused by outdoor elements. Even the water inside these tanks will not be able to cause the interior surfaces to oxidise too soon.


One more thing you must consider when choosing a water tank is sustainability. Water tanks are often made from metals. As the years pass, some tanks may have to be replaced with new ones. The owners of the old tanks may then discard them in landfills, which can contribute to various types of pollution in the environment. To prevent discarding your tanks in landfills in the future, you must opt for water tanks that have recyclable materials. Opting for these tanks allows you to reuse materials without harming the environment.

If you want to purchase quality water tanks for your boat or ship, you must contact us at Canfred Engineering. We are a Melbourne-based company specialising in all aspects of aluminium fabrication and supply of aluminium fuel and water tanks.

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